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Mary Saleh Medallion Club Member – Award Winning !!!

When time gets tougher, profits are harder to make.  So Mary likes to help YOU !!!
You deserve the best posible service and you get a teausiastic knowledgeable professional who is working for you and helping you to save $$$. My client's homes sell for more money!!! 
And because Mary sells a lot of homes, we have extensive home selling experience that puts more money in our client's pockets...

To find out more about how Mary Saleh approach can make you more successful in the real estate market and save you $$ simply just call:
604 626 8461

When Buying or Selling your next home with me you will receive up to $1000 toward your legal fee or cash

"After a complete transaction"

And Or

If you know anyone Buying or Selling their next home, You will receive a referral fee up to  $1000 after a complete Transaction!
A member of Medallion CLlub and 100%, Executive, Platinum, President Gold and Daimond Club Awards.